GRIN, June 19 - July 12, 2014

Tools for seeing: Seeing your self more clearly, seeing seeing, reflecting on/in

!SUPER VISION! develops and acknowledges the act of self reflection as a primal urge to understand ourselves and the world around us more deeply. Through drawing, painting, sculpture and installation, Piepgras supplies tools to deconstruct and reassess the relationship to the self, while examining a connection to physical surroundings.

"I think of thoughts as clouds and mists, and how, before you can grasp a full idea, they float away and all you are left with is a feeling, an intention.  I don't think of these thoughts as lost though, because they float up into the air.  I think of them in a constant state of visual change, with only the pithy truth of the idea remaining as the actual, physical, constant.  I think of our minds in the same way, in a constant state of becoming, with shifts so subtle that you might always feel the same and, only by looking back/ reflecting, do you see the transformation.  

I am fascinated and informed by brain science research, specifically Stanley Koren’s God-Brain Helmet; Jill Bolte-Taylor’s book/TED talk: My Stroke of Insight; the root functions of our primordial brain (fight, flight, feed, fornicate) which inform our initial responses and actions, verses our cognitive abilities to understand; and also, the coastline paradox and the idea of infinity all around us." -Leah Piepgras